I suffered from acne for years and was desperate looking for a simple and highly effective skincare range that would match my values. However, despite the countless products I've tried, I felt powerless. That's when I decided to make a change in the skincare market myself.

As the founder of Luceotique, I have developed a cycle-based skincare that focuses on the


active ingredient cosmetics

We make vegan & cruelty-free active ingredient cosmetics. We completely do not use silicones, parabens, mineral oils, microplastics or artificial fillers and fragrances.

Our active ingredients are used in corresponding concentrations , which actually benefit your skin .

Man and nature in harmony

Sustainably produced, packaged and delivered

Our Sustainability contribution starts with the production of our cycle-based skincare. All our products are manufactured with 100% green electricity and a low CO² emission.

At Luceotique, we look for recyclable packaging that protects the contents and is hygienic without air, light and germs getting inside.

In addition, we attach great importance to a CO2-neutral