You have the option of your unopened or opened (but not empty) products to return to us within 30 days and we will transfer the purchase amount back to you, we promise. We simply want to give every customer the opportunity to try our skin care products before they buy a pig in a poke. 

So that we know whether we need to dispose of the product or not, we would be extremely grateful if you provided information. You can find all the information on our Rücksendeformular. Please send this back to us together with the products. This way we can allocate your return to your order and you will get your money back faster.

Important information

  • The right of withdrawal for opened products can only be claimed once per product: products that have been ordered twice and that have been opened or products that have already been reimbursed for a previous order are excluded from the right of withdrawal.
  • Ask for a receipt in the post so you can show us proof of your return.
  • Please note that the postage for the return is at your expense.