AHA and BHA in skin care - this is how the fruit acids make your complexion shine

You will inevitably encounter the cryptic letter combinations I SEE and BHA as soon as you deal with the topic of skin care. These are two fruit acids that have found their way into numerous skin care products due to their many benefits for a beautiful complexion. Here you can read what I SEE and BHA can do for your skin and how they differ from each other.


What is I SEE?

The abbreviation I SEE stands for alpha hydroxy acid and is also known as lactic acid or glycolic acid. It gently removes old skin cells and thus ensures that new cells form more quickly. It supports the natural process of skin renewal, which makes your complexion glow. lactic acid and CO. prevent the first signs of skin aging, which is why your skin looks younger, fresher and healthier. Hyperpigmentation and sun damage are reduced. In addition, AHA in facial care to ensure that your skin can store moisture better. Dry and dull skin, in particular, looks rosier and more vibrant as a result.


What is BHA?

BHA stands for Beta Hydroxy Acid. The term salicylic acid, which many people remember from puberty, is more common: the fruit acid normalizes oily skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect and fights skin impurities such as pimples and blackheads. BHA penetrates deep into the pores and frees them from oils and impurities. If the pores of the skin become clogged, the typical black heads and white heads appear, from which pimples can later develop. By cleansing the skin down to the pores, salicylic acid prevents impurities and conjures up an even complexion. Since BHA gently removes the dead skin cells, the skin can absorb care products better afterwards. That's why scrubs or Toner with BHA ideally used before other active ingredients, which can thus fully develop their effect.


How do I SEE and BHA differ in their effects?

Although I SEE and BHA are both fruit acids, they have different effects and are therefore suitable for different skin types. I SEE is water soluble and acts on the surface of the skin. BHA, on the other hand, dissolves in oil and penetrates deep into the pores. Because it rids the skin of excess oils, it is excellent for combination to oily skin. The gentler I SEE, on the other hand, promotes the absorption of moisture and thus supports normal to dry skin.


Cycle-based skin care with I SEE and BHA

In the different phases of your cycle, your body produces different hormones that affect your skin's appearance. This is why many women who tend to have dry skin notice increased oil formation just before and during their period. This is because the increased testosterone levels during this phase encourages sebum production, thereby causing more breakouts. Shortly after the period, the body produces less androgens and estrogens, which is why the skin can now appear drier.

Cycle-based skin care makes use of this knowledge, which supports the skin in every phase with different ingredients. I SEE and BHA also play a central role here: BHA soothes oily and blemish-prone skin before your period. I SEE, on the other hand, improves moisture absorption and strengthens the skin immediately after your period.


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