Cyclical Skincare


The menstrual cycle has an impact on the appearance of your skin - today your skin can shine, tomorrow pimples announce the next period. With our four boosters you can bring your skin back into balance. Each booster contains special ingredients that help soothe your skin, moisturize it, and prevent pimples.

week 1

The first week starts with the first day of your period.

Low estrogen levels can now make your skin feel dry and sensitive.

Your skin now needs: freshness and radiance

week 2

This week, your estrogen levels will rise and your ovulation will be announced.

As a result, your skin is optimally moisturized and has a natural glow.

How about even more glow?

week 3

After ovulation, your body produces more progesterone, which can boost sebum production.

Pores become more visible, the skin can shine.

Your skin now needs: Protection & Strength

week 4

The fourth week is the week before menstruation. Testosterone levels take over.

The skin may appear oily, quickly become inflamed, and prone to pimples.

Declare war on impurities

Perfectly matched to every phase of your cycle

4-Phasen-Booster-Set Booster Luceotique

4-phase booster set

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• Your most important essentials for cycle-sensitive skin
• Lots of content! Set lasts for 3-4 months